A truckie's stolen keys are to blame for horrendous traffic south of Papakura this evening on the Southern Motorway.

NZ Transport Association spokesman Darryl Walker told the Herald the keys were taken following a minor incident involving the truck and a car.

The right northbound lane on the Southern Motorway after the Papakura interchange was temporarily blocked by the truck, causing headaches for other motorists.

Heavy traffic is being recorded back to Drury but a heavy haulage truck cleared the truck from the lane and a second set of keys are en route.


Southbound lanes of the Southern Motorway are heavy between Symonds St and Mount Wellington, again from Highbrook to Papakura.

Elsewhere, rush-hour traffic is causing headaches around the city as motorists head home.

The Northern Motorway heading towards the city is heavy from Oteha Valley to Upper Harbour Highway, again approaching the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

In the opposite direction, traffic is heavy between the Victoria Park Tunnel and the Upper Harbour Highway.

On the Southwestern Motorway, traffic is heavy from Mangere Bridge to Massey Rd, again approaching the Southern Link.

Northbound is heavy between Puhinui Rd and Queenstown Rd following an earlier truck breakdown.

More to come.