An Otago man who has waited more than two years for an elective procedure says the 120-day target for his operation is "a farce".

The man, who did not wish to be named, said he had been referred for surgery in 2017 and sent a letter which said he would be seen within four months.

"I'm still waiting, as they say they need to plan the operation," he said.

In the meantime, the man said he was living in extreme discomfort and still had no set date for an operation.


"I did actually get in to an operating theatre last year but during pre-op, when the surgeon saw me, he got quite irate because his notes said it was a small to moderate operation but it was actually big.

"They had only allotted two hours, and he wanted five to six hours and to have another surgeon, as well.

"He promised me I would be done in January, but it is still dragging on."

In the meantime the man was reduced to working part-time and said he had been greatly restricted in what he could do.

"The guideline is four months. This has been 30 months so far, so the four months thing is just a farce."