Trains across Auckland are running again after an overhead line fault led to some services being cancelled this morning.

Commuters in South Auckland were advised to take alternative public transport after the fault affected the Southern and Eastern lines this morning.

However, power has now been restored, Auckland Transport said. Trains on both lines are still running at a reduced timetable with a 20-minute frequency until normal service returns.

The delays and cancellations are also affecting the Western line as trains and crews are being repositioned, AT said.


Earlier today AT tweeted that trains across the Southern and Eastern lines were delayed or cancelled due to an overhead line problem between Papakura and Ōtāhuhu.

A woman in Papakura told NZME she had intended to catch the train at Papakura but there were no trains and no power so she had kept driving her car on her commute.

Rachel said she was meant to catch a 5.54am train from Papakura but none showed up.

"No one told us anything. Luckily my partner was able to drop me at Manukau but I will have to take a bus once I get there," she said. "[I'm] going to be so late to work. I normally start at 7am."