A Swiss tourist has been caught with a gram of cocaine at Queenstown Airport.

The man was entering New Zealand where his luggage had been lost in transit.

During a search of his bag at the airport, customs officials found a gram of cocaine stashed inside.

He has been given a pre-charge warning.


Meanwhile, a man in his 20s is lucky to have escaped uninjured following a crash on Gorge Rd in Queenstown.

He was driving about a kilometre past Industrial Pl, where he lost control of the car while going around a bend at 12.15am this morning.

Sergeant Steve Watt said the car swerved onto the opposite side of the road and hit a bank.

"The car turned 180 degrees and ended up on its back in his lane and facing the wrong way,'' Watt said.

A passenger also wasn't injured. The driver has been summoned for careless driving.