Be sure to make the most of the fine weather this weekend, as wintry conditions are set to take hold from next week.

While the first official day of winter isn't until June 22, the first day of winter on the meteorological calendar starts from June 1 - with predicting "a dramatic turn" in weather from Tuesday next week.

Temperatures are forecast to hit the late teens, with fine weather for most of the country this weekend, but as this high pressure clears away a large windy low is going to move in.

A much colder surge of southerlies is expected at the end of next week and going into next weekend, said.


The North Island will become a little windier on Sunday, but it's not until Monday that the high properly slips away to the east.

Tuesday will see another surge of strong winds over the South Island, while the North Island has a brief breather.

However, by Wednesday next week severe weather is possible in the South Island with heavy rain continuing and strong to gale force nor'westers moving up to the Cook Strait.

Over Thursday and Friday low pressure will deepen over New Zealand and this will suck up a likely wintry southerly with cold weather, heavy rain, snow on the mountains and strong to gale force winds in some places. said although these predictions may change, either way next week is looking very different to this week - so enjoy the outdoors while you still can.