Brian Tamaki has once again signalled a return to politics, suggesting he "might just launch" a new party next week.

The Destiny Church leader has courted controversy this year, goading politicians on social media over his Man Up programme.

Tamaki had already signalled a political return at Waitangi this year as he delivered a sermon at Ti Tii Marae in which he warned change was coming.

He took to Twitter this afternoon on the back of a review into bullying at Parliament, saying he may launch another party because "whose dumb enough to vote for that mess" [sic].


It follows him tweeting in April that it looked like Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and senior ministers had tried a "political gang rape" of him over his attempt to get his Man Up programme into prisons.

Tamaki will be hoping that any political party performs better than Destiny New Zealand, which he formed in 2003.

The party ran candidates in most electorates in the 2005 general election but garnered less than 1 per cent of the vote - well short of the 5 per cent threshold required to enter Parliament.