Details of a plan to get more of the money raised following the Christchurch terror attacks to the families and the loved ones of the victims of the shooting will be unveiled later this week.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has also revealed the Government will be partnering with Victim Support to support the distribution of the funds.

A Givealittle fundraising page raised $10.5 million, donated by almost 100,000 people. An additional $3 million has also been raised by several Muslim groups.

But, according to RNZ, only $3 million has been distributed so far.


Ardern today confirmed elements of a distribution plan for the remainder of the funds will be unveiled later this week.

She said that ultimately, the donations are being handled by Victim Support – an organisation that supports the victims of crime.

"We have been advised that they [Victim Support] plan to issue an outline of how they will be working and distributing the funds some time this week.

"Ultimately, they don't want to hold on to them [the funds] – but they do want to make sure they're working alongside the Muslim community to make sure the right decisions are being made along the way."

She also said details as to how long Victim Support would continue to accept donations relating to the attack would be unveiled this week as well.

"I don't think there is any question that there has been significant generosity and that will make a big difference."

But she said the Government would be leaving a lot of the work in the fund distribution with Victim Support.

She added that the Government's job was to make sure its core services, such as ACC and the DHBs, were on hand to help.


She said distributing the money was a big ask, as the scale was "significant".

But that is why, she said, the Government has offered its support – "even though it's not our fund we did think there was really a responsibility to offer up that support and that is being provided."