An Auckland man says he was lucky to have noticed the piece of plastic in the pizza slice he was about to hand to his child for lunch before.

The man, from Manukau, told the Herald he ordered some pizza from The Food Hut in Otahuhu via Uber Eats yesterday and it wasn't until he after reheating it this morning to give to his children that he noticed a piece of black plastic poking out from one of the slices.

"I didn't notice the plastic until one of them picked it up. I saw some black stuff when we separated the slices and noticed it was plastic," he said.

The dad says the piece of black plastic looked like some sort of food packaging, just thicker than the average plastic wrapping, which had seemingly been baked into the pizza base.


He says he was glad he noticed the unsavoury item before the kids could tuck into the pizza.

"My kids would have eaten that if I hadn't noticed. They wouldn't have looked. They were watching TV."

He called Uber Eats who offered him a refund as well as a $10 credit but says that's not good enough.

"It's just not good enough. I expect good quality food," he said, explaining that he has had a streak of bad luck with takeaways around his area. "I've ordered from a couple of places recently, one of them had chicken feathers," he added.

"I want people to be careful when they get takeaways," he said. "I had food poisoning a week ago from eating out."

The man, who's definitely having a homecooked meal tonight, says recent experiences have put him off ordering food online.

The Herald has reached out to The Food Hut for comment.