Kiwifruit Strap
The kiwifruit industry has defied all odds after beating the scourge of Psa which wiped out Zespri's golden Hort 16A crop nearly a decade ago.

They were dark days, with growers losing their vines, orchards and money.

But today kiwifruit is the biggest horticulture export out of New Zealand and the sector is booming.

In the first of a series, Carmen Hall takes an in-depth look at the effects of Psa and new challenges which could threaten its remarkable almost-ruin to riches success story.

This is Bust to boom: Kiwifruit's amazing comeback.

New Zealand's multibillion-dollar kiwifruit industry has become a victim of its own success as it cracks new records after clawing back from the brink of Psa annihilation nearly 10 years ago.

The bounce-back and rapid