Rotorua shoppers got more than they baaaargained for after a goat wandered into a supermarket.

A Rotorua woman was at the Te Ngae Rd FreshChoice supermarket carpark with her daughter about 4.30pm yesterday when she saw a goat walk past her car and go straight into the store.

She said another woman tried to stop the goat from going further into the supermarket but the goat made it to the bread aisle, surprising a worker there.

She said the owner then came in and took the goat out.


"It was just so random to see an animal inside the supermarket," she said.

Kristy Abbott, FreshChoice National marketing manager had a tongue-in-cheek reponse to the goat's sudden hankering for bread.

"I kid you not, a mischievous goat leapt at the chance to see if the grass is greener on the other side as it entered our FreshChoice Te Ngae Supermarket in Rotorua at 16.17pm on Anzac Day.

"Billy or Mary, we're not entirely sure...made a beeline for the baaaa-read aisle before being escorted back outside to familiar surroundings. Our newest customer left empty handed and was safely secured until Rotorua Animal Control arrived.

"Whilst we do welcome a diverse range of customers to the store, we invested in a commercial clean after this particular visitor," she said.