Dozens of memorial Anzac Day crosses have been destroyed in Huntly over the Easter weekend by a group of vandals.

According to a Facebook post, one witness saw a group of four or five people in a vehicle approach the crosses with the intention of damaging them.

On Saturday morning, photographs taken from a field on Tumate Mahuta Dr show tyre tracks and dozens of destroyed white crosses.

"In Huntly, an act of vandalism has seen numerous white crosses recently displayed in the tribute of Anzac Day, ripped out," Antonello Savini said on Facebook.


"This act of vandalism is insensitive to our united community, the RSA, and all the families of our nation who lost their soldiers and loved one during the war.
"This is a serious offence to our beautiful town of Huntly.

"Never this vandalism should happen, especially at this time, and today which we celebrated Easter a day of spiritual means and peace."

The crosses were damaged over the weekend. Photo / Antonello Savini
The crosses were damaged over the weekend. Photo / Antonello Savini

Meanwhile, the Huntly RSA president Frank McInally told Stuff of the crosses damaged, many of the men never had a grave and were missing in action.

He said they were the centennial crosses from World War I and now his car boot is full of the broken crosses and he was not sure who they belonged to.

"Some low lifes have crawled out from under a stone and decided to drive across the park and flatten them," McInally said.

"A lot of work goes into them and a lot of work goes into the research too, but it's not about the money - it's disrespectful.

"I'm p***ed off."

Savini said the witness of the vandalism immediately called the police after she saw the vandals on Saturday night driving to the crosses on the field.


He also asked for members of the Huntly community who might know more about what happened to step forward and contact the police as well.

"We encourage anyone with valuable information associated with this vandalism, to call the police. The perpetrators must face justice!"

ON EASTER DAY, HUNTLY "RSA' WHITE CROSSES VANDALIZED. In Huntly, an act of vandalism has seen numerous white crosses...

Posted by Antonello Savini on Saturday, 20 April 2019