Shells and seaweed weren't the only things to drift ashore Auckland's Takapuna Beach today - an unoccupied yacht also appeared.

One beachgoer told the Herald the vessel was there when she was walking her dog at 9am this morning but she did not know how long it had been there.

It is understood the anchor of the vessel, dubbed Bellbird, had dragged and it became beached at low tide.

A spokesman from Auckland Transport's Harbourmaster said the owners of the vessel had been contacted and it was up to them to remove it.

A beach-goer investigates the vessel. Photo / Supplied
A beach-goer investigates the vessel. Photo / Supplied

"We understand it will be removed from the beach soon but that's all the details I have," the spokesman said.

On social media a resident said the yacht had been turned around and was out about 15m.

"Resetting a new anchor soon at low tide and will try pull it off come high tide at 10ish tonight," he said.