The process of settling Crown breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi was initially fraught with controversy, but has now become an accepted and at times celebrated part of our identity. Nearly 30 years since the first settlement, many Māori groups have seen spectacular commercial success, but many questions remain. Michael Neilson reports.

There's a buzz in Kaikohe, the birthplace of the country's most populous iwi, Ngāpuhi.

It's 9am on a Thursday and Anthony "Ants" Warren is preparing Te Mira (The Mill) boxing gym for its third session of the morning.

Already a few dozen young adults have passed through the


Treaty breaches, prejudice accepted by the Crown

Impacts felt today

Desire to turn situation around

Lots of finger pointing, little progress

Crown-led process "divisive"

Hapū calling for more recognition

Living the dream