The National Party's internal review into its culture was completed several weeks ago but the board is waiting to see what comes out of a wider review of the culture at Parliament before signing off on it.

The review of the party's culture was ordered by leader Simon Bridges last November following claims of bullying and intimidation against women by former National MP Jami-Lee Ross.

Bridges said at the time he wanted to ensure the party had an environment where women felt safe.

Party president Peter Goodfellow said today the review made some suggestions as to how the party could "catch up with international best practice, which was the purpose".


He said the review's purpose had not been to see whether there was a culture of bullying and harassment within the party.

"I don't think that's the issue around this health and safety review and I don't think that's really what they were asked to look at."

While he believed the National Party had a "very good" culture, health and safety was an ongoing issue and needed to be updated continually.

He said while the review had been completed some weeks ago, the party was waiting to see what came out of the wider review of Parliament's culture ordered by Speaker Trevor Mallard and being carried out by Debbie Francis.

If there was anything in the Francis review that would be useful to the National Party review it would be added in, he said.

"The decision was made to align the two sets of processes given that people work on both sides."

Goodfellow said that once the review had been signed off by the party board, a summary would be released.

National leader Simon Bridges said he expected at least some of the review to be released.


He refused today to be drawn on the issue of an "emotional junior " staff member was blamed for removing a petition from the party's website following the Christchurch mosque terror attacks.

The staff member and the party are now involved in an employment dispute over the claim.