A mother-of-two says she is terrified after six gunshots were fired down her street and a man carrying a firearm walked up her driveway.

Karishma Prasad, 32, described to the Herald ducking to the floor in sheer terror after hearing "shot after shot" last night.

Four properties on Palermo Place at Clover Park in South Auckland have been cordoned off while police make inquiries. Another property on the next street over, Aldo Place, has also been cordoned off after a sudden death.

"We were really terrified because of the recent Christchurch incident. We switched off our lights and all of a sudden we saw one guy walking around the neighbourhood. We were really afraid.


"We were just wondering what the hell is happening and then we called the cops and they turned up a couple of minutes later."

She said 12 police vehicles arrived at the scene and a police helicopter was hovering in the area at around 11pm yesterday.

"There was a guy across the road swearing at the police saying 'just shoot me'.

"But I don't think he was related to the gunshots. I think he was just drunk."

Police in boiler suits on Aldo Place, which is parallel to Palermo Place. Photo / Dean Purcell
Police in boiler suits on Aldo Place, which is parallel to Palermo Place. Photo / Dean Purcell

While police say no one was injured, a resident told the Herald a person had been taken to hospital.

William Mailo, 18, said he was at work when his mum called him in a panic telling him to come home.

"That's my car that's been shot at. I wasn't home but my mum, dad and sister were. It was all pretty scary for them."

He said he had been told it was a group of guys who took off down an alleyway in the direction of Aldo Place.

Forty minutes after police were called to a firearms incident at Palermo Place, they were alerted to a sudden death on Aldo Place which is just a stone's throw away.

Though the incidents were nearby and happened in the same hour, police say they were not related.

"We are not able to provide any more details at this stage," a police spokeswoman said.

Police in boiler suits are at the scene and two armed police are standing outside the property.

A near-five minute drive away, on Greenstone Place, police were at another property "making inquiries" into an overnight incident.

"Police are there as part of ongoing inquiries into an overnight incident," a police spokeswoman told the Herald.