Imagine tramping in the bush for a while only to find a cosy hut to have a rest. You open the door of the hut and inside ... a brewery. Have you had dreams like that?

For Lorraine Freeman, this was a reality. The tramper told Stuff she was tramping in the Tararuas when she got to Roaring Stag Hut, only to find a "nice young American guy" brewing beer inside it, using water from the river nearby.

The man was reportedly using a big pot to brew a large amount of beer and had some friends joining him later to drink it.

Freeman was surprised to find out DoC had no issue with the man brewing beer at the hut.


"You wouldn't be allowed to brew beer at the local town park, so why would it be OK to do it in a national park?" she said, quoted by Stuff.

She thought it was "really odd" that DoC had been to the hut and not found an issue with what the man was doing.

According to DoC's Wairarapa operations manager Kathy Koukamau, the man was "personable and friendly" and has a current hut pass so there was no issue with his behaviour.

"While we certainly wouldn't encourage this behaviour, our ranger made a call that, from what he witnessed, the man wasn't bothering other users at that time," she said.

Freeman said that's not the case, as she ran into a few other people on her walk who changed their sleeping arrangements for the night after hearing that the man and his friends would be drinking at the hut.

DoC has a code of conduct for hut users that people who book huts must comply with. It includes keeping the place clean and tidy and paying hut fees, as well as being considerate to other hut users.

Hut users code:

1. Keep huts clean and tidy. A broom, brush and pan are provided—please use them, and leave muddy boots outside.

2. Conserve gas when using gas heaters and cookers. During cooking always open a window or door to allow dangerous carbon monoxide fumes to escape. Keep an eye on boiling water/food, and be sure to turn gas heaters off overnight and make sure it is properly off when you leave.


3. Take care using wood burners, keep the fire contained and never leave it unattended. Only burn dead dry wood and be careful with hot ashes. Make sure the fire is extinguished before leaving. Use wood sparingly and replace any you use for the next visitors.

4. Share huts with others by being considerate, make room for late comers and keep quiet if others are sleeping. Share boiled water with other trampers to help conserve gas.

5. Carry it in, carry it out—recycle ALL your rubbish. Take two bags, one for recycling and the other for rubbish/food scraps to carry out with you and dispose of responsibly. Find out about Leave No Trace principles.

6. No smoking in huts, take your cigarette butts out with the rest of your rubbish.

7. Hunters must follow the Firearms and Safety Code.

8. No dogs allowed inside huts.

9. Before leaving, close doors and windows securely.

10. Always pay hut fees.