Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki has slammed the Muslim call to prayer which will take place at 1.30pm today.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the prayer would take place to recognise the lives lost in the Christchurch terrorist attacks last Friday.

Ardern said the prayer would be followed by two minutes of silence at 1.32pm.

"Two minutes of silence is okay but the Islamic prayer will sound? it contains this line 'there is no God but Allah', well I disagree," Tamaki wrote on Twitter.


"Jesus Christ is the only true God ... this is not us!"

Fifty people lost their lives in the attacks on two Christchurch mosques and the alleged gunman has been charged with murder.

Earlier today, Ardern announced plans for a National Memorial Service and said everyone can reflect on the attacks tomorrow as they please.

"How we choose to reflect during the silence will be different for each of us," she said.

"Everyone should do what feels right for them, wherever they are – at home, at work, at school.

"I know many New Zealanders wish to mark the week that has passed since the terrorist attack, and to support the Muslim community as they return to mosques."

Meanwhile, Tamaki said the announcement of the Muslim call to prayer was an abuse of her Prime Ministerial power.

"This is Offensive to all True Christians in Aotearoa ... Our National Identity is at stake," he posted on Twitter.


"PM Jacinda Ardern has abused her Prime Ministerial decree in allowing 'Allah as the only true God to be sounded in Muslim prayer across the airwaves in our nation tomorrow."

The responses to Tamaki's comments have been swift and expectedly brutal.

"Don't pray it then," one person tweeted.

"The space is for others to pray it unashamed, unafraid - as they should always have had the absolute freedom to. Allow them this comfort amid the nightmare.

"Keep your mouth shut, and attempt to open your heart to humanity in the way that God asks you to."

Some question the validity of Tamaki's statements.


"Gosh, well then, it's probably quite a good thing that your opinions really do not matter to the rest of us," said one commenter.

"'Christians' say the problem is Christianity isn't being taught in schools. With 'Bishop' Brian Tamaki it's clear that the real problem is Christianity isn't taught in church," said one Twitter user.


Some online commenters were confused by Tamaki's comment Jesus Christ was the "only true God".

"Brian, he was the son of God, he called God his father. Please read that book again. Properly," said one person.

"Jesus Christ is God?? Blimey that's different," said another.


Tamaki also created shockwaves in 2016 after he blamed the cause of the Kaikoura earthquakes on homosexuals.