Police have apologised to a woman who was wrongly listed on court charge sheets as a murder victim of the alleged Christchurch mosque gunman.

The woman was connected to the shootings but is still alive.

When the alleged gunman appeared in court last week he faced one charge of murdering a woman. Her name was suppressed. Further charges are expected to be laid.

But in a new development, police have confirmed they made an error and the person listed as the murder victim is still alive.


A police spokesperson admitted police had made a mistake.

"An error was made in the charging document prepared for the first court appearance of the man charged with murder in relation to the Christchurch terror attacks.

"The error saw an incorrect victim name included in the charging document.

"We have spoken with the person incorrectly named on the charging document and apologised.

"The charge sheet will be amended. New Zealand Police regret this error and apologies for any harm caused by the mistake."

Police told media charge sheet details would be amended at the accused's next appearance on April 5.

The error would not affect the validity of the prosecution.

Fifty people died when a gunman opened fire with semi-automatic firearms at two Christchurch mosques last week.


The accused man was arrested just 21 minutes after the first 111 call was received.

The man has indicated he will represent himself during further court proceedings. It is understood he is being held in segregation at Auckland's maximum security prison.