Broadcaster Chris Lynch has apologised for an opinion column he wrote in 2017 after it caused upset in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings.

The Christchurch-based Newstalk ZB host took to Twitter this morning to say he was "ashamed" of the comments he made in the column titled "Does Islam have any place in NZ public swimming pools?"

"As I reflect on this week, on previous conversations, and an opinion piece I wrote in 2017, on Islam, I look back at my comments ashamed," he wrote.

"I look back at my comments ashamed," broadcaster Chris Lynch wrote. Photo / File

"Learning more about different cultures, unlike my own, is vital for understanding and conveying kindness. I'm sorry."


Lynch said this week had inspired him "to look through a kinder lens and inject more love and compassion in conversations".

"Having a public platform comes with a social responsibility and change I have made is immediate.

"I will choose my words more carefully. It was not the right time earlier in the week to have this discussion. I will work harder to be better."

The column was published two years ago on but was removed over the weekend due to its upsetting content.

Social media users commended Lynch for taking accountability for the column, with one thanking him for "showing leadership amongst your media peers".