Farid Ahmed refuses to turn his back on his adopted home, despite losing his wife, Husna Ahmed, in the Al Noor Mosque attack.

"I believe that some people, purposely, they are trying to break down the harmony we have in New Zealand with the diversity," said Farid, originally from Bangladesh.

"But they are not going to win. They are not going to win. We will be harmonious."

Husna, 45, was killed after helping lead people to safety from the women's and children's hall in the mosque, AFP reported.


Once the children were safe she went back to the mosque to check on her husband. As she made her way towards the building, the mother-of-one was shot dead on the footpath.

Farid, 59, who has been paraplegic since being hit by a drunk driver in 1998, had already escaped.

"She was coming back for checking about me, because I was in a wheelchair, and as she was approaching the gate, she was shot. She was busy saving lives, forgetting about herself."

Husna Ahmed was shot as went to look for her husband.
Husna Ahmed was shot as went to look for her husband.

Asked if he forgave his wife's killer, he said: "Of course. The best thing is forgiveness, generosity, loving and caring, positivity.

"I want him to look for that positive attitude in him, and I hope and I pray he would be a great civilian one day. I don't have any grudge."