A prominent New Zealander and a well-known entertainer have both had their lengthy name suppressions revoked after a successful legal challenge by the Herald.

However, the two men will keep their identities hidden after immediately indicating they will appeal the decision.

The prominent New Zealander faces two charges of indecent assault and two counts of attempting to dissuade a witness from giving evidence in his trial, which began yesterday in the Auckland District Court.

The well-known entertainer faces three charges of attempting to dissuade the same witness.


A third man, the prominent New Zealander's business manager, faces one charge of attempting to dissuade a witness.

The presiding judge in the case, Judge Russell Collins, today revoked the interim suppression orders for the three defendants after a successful joint legal challenge by the Herald and Stuff.

But the prominent New Zealander - who has had name suppression for some two years - and the entertainer will now appeal the decision to the High Court.

As a result, a 20-working day suppression order is automatically invoked until the appeal can be heard.

Yesterday, details of all three defendants' charges - all of which are denied - were read to the jury.

The prominent Kiwi is accused of indecently assaulting two men in February 2008 and October 2016.

He is also accused - along with the well-known entertainer - of attempting to dissuade the second complainant from giving evidence during the trial with bribes and corrupt means in April 2017.

All three defendants are further accused of attempting to dissuade the same complainant in Auckland and, or the Gold Coast in Australia during May 2017.


The entertainer is charged alone of attempting the dissuade the man in September 2017.

The trial is expected to last four weeks before a jury and Judge Collins.