Former National MP, now independent Botany MP, Jami-Lee Ross has revealed his new branding and it has a touch of familiarity about it.

Ross unveiled the branding this afternoon on Twitter after it had run as an ad in a Botany newspaper this morning.

The new logo (pictured below) appears to be a mash-up of National Party blue and Labour Party red, with the Southern Cross above his name.

New Zealand First's party logo also features the Southern Cross, but coloured grey – many political parties feature the Southern Cross.


Speaking to the Herald, Ross said he wanted to have a combination of different colours in the "political rainbow to signify to people that I'm available regardless of what your political persuasion is".

"Whether it's a National MP or a Labour MP, I'm willing, able and can work on my community's behalf to get an outcome for them."

He said that no party had a complete monopoly on colours and his logo actually was not the exact Labour Party red and National blue.

He said a market agency did it for him – "my graphic design skills are very, very poor, so I did have some assistance," he admitted.

Political commentator Bryce Edwards said his first reaction was the new logo looked a lot like the "iwi/Kiwi" billboard, which was used by National used to attack Labour in the 2005 elections for "selling out the beaches to iwi".

But overall, he said the logo looked as though Ross was trying to convey that he is non-partisan.

"It's definitely deliberate that he has decided to have the blue and red to stress his independence," Edwards told the Herald.

"I think it's a fairly deliberate logo that really is [portraying] him as an independent. It has elements of nationalism, elements of blue and red."


Edwards said it was not particularly modern or dynamic, it fact the logo was "very straightforward and simple".

"It's just very bold and plain and simplistic with that very strong symbolism of being outside of Labour and National."

Ross was kicked out of the National Party in October after a PwC report said he was most likely the leaker of the National Party's expenses.

He said he would be staying on as an independent MP for Botany.

Ross returned to Parliament earlier this month.