Smirnoff Vodka found a funny way to poke fun at the Lime e-scooter controversy in Auckland.

A billboard spotted in the CBD promotes lime-flavoured vodka with "no technical issues".

Smirnoff's billboard was spotted on Nelson Street on Friday, the same day the temporary Lime ban was announced.

The 'hilarious' billboard was spotted on Nelson Street. Photo / Reddit
The 'hilarious' billboard was spotted on Nelson Street. Photo / Reddit

Lime scooters have now been banned from Auckland city after a string of accidents caused by technical glitches.


The decisions follow a number of recent incidents, some of which have resulted in injuries, caused by the wheels on e-scooters unexpectedly locking.

Auckland Council chief operating officer Dean Kimpton said Lime advised that it has identified 155 reported irregular braking incidents that may have been caused by the unexpected locking issue.

Ninety-two of these were in Auckland. Of these, 30 resulted in an injury.

The cheeky dig was uploaded to Reddit, with people saying it is a "hilarious" piece of advertising.

The decision to suspend Lime scooter licences will be reviewed on Monday.