Simon Bridges has been roasted on social media after he shared that the Tax Working Group's recommendations "are an attack on the Kiwi way of life."

The group, chaired by former Labour Finance Minister Sir Michael Cullen, this morning recommended the Government implement a capital gains tax (CGT).

The tax would cover assets such as land, shares, investment properties, businesses assets and intellectual property, but would exclude the family home, cars, boats and art.

It would raise more than $8 billion over five years and Cullen laid out a range of other taxation options as to what that could be spent on.


After the announcement, Bridges shared a statement on Twitter, blasting the group's recommendations.

"This Tax Working Group report is an assault on the Kiwi way of life. I will fight it every step of the way."

However, Kiwis didn't agree with Bridge's statement, mainly pointing out that it will kill his 'Kiwi way of life' and not theirs.

"You mean *your* way of life. Most Kiwis don't own 4 properties and are directors or have controlling interests in property investment companies," Green MP Gareth Hughes commented on his Tweet.

Others roasted Bridges with similar comments.

A minority agreed with Bridges' statement, saying it will negatively affect those who build local businesses or own large sections.

After the Herald posted the his comments on Facebook, many readers slammed him in the comment section.

"The 'Kiwi way of life' according to National - owning multiple investment properties that you take tax free capital gains from, while others work long hours, paying taxes, and struggling to rent those properties," one person wrote.


Another agreed writing: "I didn't realise to be a Kiwi you had to own multiple investment houses. I guess that makes a lot of foreign investors more Kiwi than about 90% of Kiwi citizens."