Invercargill's newest millionaire thinks the drive from his home to the local store to check his ticket was the most nervous he has ever been.

The lucky winner plucked his winning Cash Spectacular Instant Kiwi scratchy ticket on a whim when he bought his regular Lotto ticket on Friday.

"I've bought the Cash Spectacular scratchie a few times before and have had a bit of luck with them - $50 and $40 wins here and there," said the man.

"So when I saw them at the Lotto counter I thought I might as well pick up a couple for my wife and I."


The Southlander, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he forgot about his ticket after buying them and left it sitting in the kitchen for a few days.

Over the weekend he was out for a drive with his wife and the pair shared a conversation about what they would do if they won Lotto.

Following the lengthy discussion, it was decided they would buy a lifestyle block and upon arriving home the man decided to check his ticket.

"I picked up the two tickets and put them behind my back, then told my wife to pick one," said the winner.

"When I scratched the ticket and saw $1,000,000 staring back at me, I couldn't believe it.

"I stared at the ticket for ages, then finally turned to my wife and said, 'have a look at this one – and put your glasses on because I'm not sure of what I'm seeing.'"

A short but incredibly nervous drive to the local Lotto store later the pair confirmed they had won $1m and said the experience was "life-changing".

"Basically it's sorted us out for retirement, which is pretty incredible. I feel like a very, very lucky man," he said.

"Just earlier that day we'd talked about buying a lifestyle block if we won – and now we can!

"The wife and I are also going to get new cars, and we want to help the family out a bit too.

The winning $15 Cash Spectacular Instant Kiwi ticket was sold at Ascot Four Square in Invercargill.