Warning: Graphic photo

A Waiuku teenage horse rider broke both of his arms earlier today after fireworks were shot towards him while he worked with his horse, his step-dad alleges.

Keanu Halley, 13, shattered his left wrist and broke his right arm in three places after his horse landed on him after jumping over a fence.

Step-dad Jody Albert was in a truck nearby and watched the horse land on Keanu before running to his aid in horror.


"I saw him come flying over the fence on his horse and it flipped on top of him, so I sprinted towards him and asked what had happened," he said.

"Keanu said someone had shot them with fireworks … I didn't really see anything but he thinks it came from a little silver hatchback.

"He was working his horse for a show on Saturday and away from school because of Waitangi Day … he'll be out most of the year."

Keanu Halley's left wrist after the incident. Photo / Jody Albert
Keanu Halley's left wrist after the incident. Photo / Jody Albert

The 13-year-old was working his horse in a paddock with his younger brother Kimorah, 11, when the incident unfolded.

An ambulance was quickly called to the scene and it was discovered in hospital Keanu had broken both of his arms, Albert said.

He hasn't had the chance to contact the police in relation to the incident but said the family would in the next day or so.

"He's doing all right but, you know, he's pretty [shaken] up about it … they were just doing flat work in the paddock when it happened," he said.

"I've heard of people doing stupid stuff with fireworks and I don't know if this was deliberate, but this was terrible."