Kiwis across the country are baffled after receiving bizarre test letters from New Zealand Post, which serve no purpose for the reader other than throwing it out.

A person on Reddit shared a photo of the test letter saying how "random" it was to receive this in their mail.

"Dear Valued Customer," the letter begins.

"You have received a New Zealand Post test letter. We regularly send test letters through our network to understand our mail performance across different regions of New Zealand.


"In this test cycle, your address was randomly chosen, please dispose of this letter in your recycling bin."

They also left an email for the confused customer if they want to give the postal company feedback before thanking them and wishing them a good day.

The bizarre test letter from New Zealand Post. Photo / Reddit
The bizarre test letter from New Zealand Post. Photo / Reddit

Many on Reddit claimed they received the bizarre letter as well, some even questioning how it worked.

"Yeah I got one of these a few months ago. I was like 'how do they know it was delivered to the right place though?'" one person wrote.

Another wrote: "I had one of those at work last year. Confused me at first."

"Haha I got one a few months ago. My flatmates and I were amused," one person commented.

A New Zealand Post spokesperson revealed to the Herald why the company sends test letters and how the system works.

"New Zealand Post regularly undertakes both internal and external testing of our network to ensure that our service standards are being met.


"As part of this we send out approximately 2000 test letters a week, to test and measure our network, right across the country, and to monitor where improvements can be made.

"As part of the monitoring we scan the letters throughout their journey to see if we are meeting our required service standards."

Some on Reddit joked about how the customer could "mess with the metrics" by sending the letter back.

"Write 'no u' on the piece of paper, write 'Return to sender' on the envelope and drop it back in the postbox," one Redditor said, which encouraged more jokes.

"They'll lose it," one said.

"They'll go postal," another joked.