Josie Butler, the activist who threw a sex toy at Steven Joyce at Waitangi in 2016, has shown up at Te Tii Waitangi marae today - and promptly served with a trespass notice.

The Christchurch woman said on social media that police had served her with a trespass notice last week, banning her from attending the celebrations at Waitangi. She said the trespass would not stop her and she would still travel north for the occasion.

Josie Butler with her trespass notice at Te Tii Waitangi marae. Photo / Michael Craig
Josie Butler with her trespass notice at Te Tii Waitangi marae. Photo / Michael Craig

In a Facebook post, she explained she was invited to speak at Waitangi, both as a speaker and to honour her whakapapa as she has recently discovered her great-great-great-grandfather was a signatory of the treaty and had been the first person ever to speak on Waitangi.

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"I feel really hurt that that opportunity has been taken away from me," she said in a Facebook video.

The police attended my home last week and tresspassed me from Waitangi. This is my story

Posted by Josie Butler on Sunday, 3 February 2019

"I feel really disillusioned that I could be trespassed from my ancestral lands without even having an opportunity to explore them.

"And the real kicker is that Don Brash has been invited," she added.

"Don Brash, [a] person who completely opposes Te Tiriti Waitangi. Don Brash, the person who thinks the Waitangi Tribunal should be abolished. Don Brash, the man who has been banned from universities because of his hate speech towards Māori.

"I think this is a really good example of where our race relations are at today. Decisions being made on our behalf, without us being allowed even a voice in these decisions and when we shout often we are completely ignored."

Butler said on Monday she would attend the ceremonies despite the visit from the police.

"I will be attending this year, I will be exploring my ancestral land and I will not be causing a fuss."

Butler said "no piece of paper" will stop her from having that right.


The activist threw a dildo at Steven Joyce when he was economic development minister in 2016, during the Waitangi celebrations.