Each weekday The Front Page keeps you up to date with the biggest news in New Zealand. Today it's a final goodbye to some of the tourists from hell, New Zealand and Britain make a post-Brexit pact, problems for both women and older workers, and a new way to ride a Lime is discovered in Dunedin. Hosted by Frances Cook.

Could it be true? Members of the family of British tourists that have caused a storm up and down New Zealand were at Auckland International Airport with luggage this morning.

A source has told the Herald that at least four of the group were expected on an international flight due to leave this afternoon.

Four of the group were seen in the vehicle bay outside the international terminal but drove off when approached by the Herald.


The true identities of the family also came to light today.

A source told the Herald at least four of the group were expected on an international flight due to leave today. Photo / NZME
A source told the Herald at least four of the group were expected on an international flight due to leave today. Photo / NZME

New Zealand and Britain have signed an agreement which gives certainty to New Zealand businesses, whatever happens with Brexit.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern met her British counterpart Theresa May at 10 Downing St overnight New Zealand time.

Afterwards, Ardern told reporters they struck a mutual recognition agreement, which continues current trade agreements post-Brexit.

She says it should give our businesses certainty and confidence.

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Jacinda Ardern is also said to have held a "secret meeting" with the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle at Kensington Palace.

The meeting reportedly took place on Monday and news of it was shared on Twitter by ABC royal correspondent Omid Scobie.


Scobie said the pair got to know each other during the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's visit to New Zealand in October.

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Our Justice Minister is also overseas at the moment, and Andrew Little pulled no punches when discussing New Zealand's failings at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Little led a delegation to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva for New Zealand's universal periodic review.

He spoke before the council overnight on New Zealand's human rights, beginning with the state of the relationship between Pakeha and Māori.

Little says we need to improve outcomes for Māori, women and people in poverty.

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Hydrogen fuel-cell powered buses and electric campervans for tourists ... are getting a funding kick start.

Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods has announced more than $11 million dollars funding for 31 low-emission transport projects.

The Government is stumping up $4.3 million, with the remainder coming from businesses, including Foodstuffs, Meridian and Ports of Auckland.

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Opposition leader Simon Bridges is kicking off the political year with a reshuffle and a new job for deputy Paula Bennett

Bennett will become spokeswoman for drug reform ahead of the referendum on personal use to be held at the 2020 election.

Her portfolio of tertiary education, skills and employment has been assigned by leader Simon Bridges to Shane Reti, a large increase in responsibility for the 40th-ranked MP for Whangarei.

Bridges has also made finance spokeswoman Amy Adams the shadow attorney-general, after Chris Finlayson retired from politics.

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Five people have been injured, two critically and one seriously, after a tree fell on a group of people at Queenstown's Shotover Jet base.

A witness saw a child being loaded into a chopper and a St John spokesman said three helicopters and multiple ambulances were in attendance.

A reporter at the scene said the tree, which was below the main Shotover base, had fallen over with is roots completely ripped out.

A severe weather watch for northwest gales is currently in place for Central Otago and Southern Lakes.

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A former partner at a high-profile New Zealand law firm has been censured and fined over sexual harassment at a company social event

A Law Society investigation found the lawyer sexually harassed two employees.

The name of the lawyer and law firm were redacted in the Lawyers Standards Committee decision.

The standards committee fined the lawyer $12,500 and costs of $2,500, and issued a censure, which remains on a lawyer's disciplinary record throughout their career.

The New Zealand Law Society's Neil Mallon says they concluded his behaviour was unacceptable.

Last year, a confidential online survey of New Zealand lawyers by the Law Society found one in five had been sexually harassed in the workplace.

The same results also showed about one in three female lawyers has been sexually harassed at some time during their career.

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Female tradies are earning 20 per cent less than men.

Recruitment firm One Staff conducted a survey of 10,000 workers in the industrial, trade, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality and commercial service sectors. It found women to be under-represented and paid less in nearly all industries within the report.

Female tradies were on average earning 20 per cent (or $5 an hour) less than the overall median rate of $25 per hour.

According to StatsNZ the average gender pay gap in New Zealand across all sectors is 11.8 per cent, so tradies are nearly double.

OneStaff group general manager Jonathan Ives says he was hopeful the gap would start to close as the trades started to see a higher proportion of women coming through into more senior roles.

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Government officials have dismissed a call to change how KiwiSaver works for those over 65.

Under the current law it is up to individual employers to decide if they keep putting employer contributions into their staff members' account when they turn 65.

Many big employers do but others stop the payments when a person turns 65 - a situation which has created an uneven playing field for older workers.

Claire Matthews, a retirement savings expert at Massey University told the finance and expenditure select committee last year that the policy was unfair.

That's because a 65-year-old employee effectively got paid less than their 64-year-old colleague.

Now officials have recommended her submission be declined, saying it wouldn't be in the spirit of KiwiSaver, as those over 65 can immediately withdraw the funds. But the purpose of the employer contribution is to encourage long-term retirement savings.

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A new million-dollar study will see New Zealand scientists attempt to answer the question of when will Antarctica's marine ice sheets will melt.

The frozen continent below us locks down an equivalent 60m of potential global sea level rise – and there's still much uncertainty around how and when climate change might push it to tipping point.

One recent study co-authored by a Kiwi glaciologist suggested the threshold could be crossed somewhere near another 1C of global warming, or over coming decades.

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A man who balanced an old La-Z-Boy on a Lime e-scooter and rode it the wrong way down a cycle lane on Dunedin's one-way system says it was "good fun".

The man, who goes by Jay Bud on Facebook, was filmed sitting in the chair while riding the scooter in Great King St.

He said the stunt was about "making Limes more fun" and seeing what they were capable of.

In the video you see he balanced the chair on the scooter and was able to travel at some speed.

Another recent video from Dunedin shows someone doing a "burnout" with a Lime scooter wheel.

Shaey McDonnell filmed the burnout two days ago, on Spencer St, and uploaded it to Facebook, saying the scooter was better than a "Honda".

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