Two kayakers had to be rescued by police after they were swept out to sea off Orere Point, southeast of Auckland city.

The pair had been on the water since 3pm, alerting police they were in strife around 8.30pm and were finally rescued by maritime police at 9.45pm.

Sergeant Garry Larsen of the maritime unit said Eagle helicopter located the kayakers 25 minutes after they first called 111.

"Eagle located the kayak and stayed with it until we were able to reach them," he said.


The kayakers were cold but safe after being out on the water for over six hours before they were rescued by the crew on police launch Deodar III.

Larsen said the pair were well prepared for a day on the water and advised others to let people know of their plans.

"Thankfully, both people were wearing life jackets, and they'd taken a waterproof cell phone, so they were prepared for the worst and it may have saved their lives.

"We'd also advise anyone going out on the water to tell someone where they're going. That way they can sound the alarm."