Most of the North Island will be waking up to a warm, but windy start to their weekend - while South Islanders can expect high temperatures and a dousing of rain.

Aucklanders can expect a fine day, with a high of 25C and westerly breezes.

A blanket of cloud will likely settle over the region by this evening, and a low of 19C is forecast overnight.

Further north, Kerikeri is in for summery temperatures paired with light winds.


A high of 29C will make way for a low of 17C overnight. Similarly to Auckland, some cloud is expected to settle over Northland by the evening.

Further down the island, Tauranga locals can expect a stunner day.

Temperatures will peak around 28C, while a shroud of morning cloud is expected to burn off by midday to make way for a clear, sunny day.

Holidaymakers and locals around Taupo can expect a fine day interspersed with a little cloud, and westerly breezes developing this morning.

In the capital, the westerly wind affecting the rest of the island is expected to be stronger - reaching gale-force at times.

A fair amount of cloud was expected throughout the day, and temperatures were cooler than up north, peaking at 22C.

In the South Island, a mix of weather is on the cards.

Blenheim is in for some scorching temperatures - peaking at 31C, with some afternoon cloud interrupting an otherwise clear day.


A similar pattern was expected for Christchurch, where afternoon cloud could be followed by some evening rain.

Further down the island, the forecast is a little more dreary.

Invercargill is in for a high of 22C, with consistent rain and strong northerly winds.

This was also the case for both Dunedin and Queenstown, with a drizzly forecast and temperatures hovering around the low 20s.