A woman who stole a 'tester' bottle of perfume from Farmers in Hastings has been ordered to pay its full retail price, despite her lawyer's protests.

Flaxmere woman Renee Valentine, 29, was ordered by Judge Tony Adeane in the Hastings District Court on Wednesday to pay $100 in reparation to the store as a result of the October 28 theft.

Valentine's perfume bottle theft was only discovered two weeks later, when she went into the same store in an apparent attempt to raid the store again.

On November 10, Valentine picked up baby monitor and carried it around the store before picking up a black nappy bag, removing the paper packaging and placing the monitor inside.


Unbeknown to Valentine, her movements were being monitored by store staff via CCTV who approached her and arranged to hold the monitor and bag until she was ready to pay for them.

She told staff she would pay for the items, but left the store empty-handed.

Store security approached her outside where she became verbally abusive and walked away.

She was located by police later and the perfume from her previous visit was found in her bag. It was not able to be resold.

Judge Adeane sentenced her to 12 months' intensive supervision with full reparation of all items, including the perfume, and toiletries taken from Hastings New World in August, a total payment of $300.

Defence counsel Jerome Webby said the reparation sought was too high, because the tester bottle of perfume wouldn't have been able to be resold even if Valentine hadn't taken it.

Adeane declined Webby's request, labelling Valentine a "practised shoplifter" who had previous convictions.

"If you walk into a shop planning on pinching something you'll be going to jail," he said.

Farmers did not respond to multiple requests for comment about the case, and its policy around 'tester' bottle thefts.