Fresh charges have been laid against a Ratana Church minister accused of sexually assaulting a young boy.

In August the Herald reported Daniel Brass Raharaha Nehemia was facing six charges of sexually assaulting at least one boy under the age of 12.

The 56-year-old, also known as Brass Boyboy Nehemia and Brass Boyboy Raharaha, has pleaded not guilty to the charges - four of indecent assault on a boy under 12 and two counts of unlawful sexual connection relating to a boy under 12 - and will stand trial in the Auckland District Court in April.

The Herald can now reveal he is set to appear in court later this month on new charges relating to the indecent assault of a boy under 12.


After his initial appearance in court last year, Nehemia was granted interim name suppression.

However, that lapsed in August and the details of his alleged offending could be published.

It is understood the new charges came after the Herald detailed the charge and alleged offending.

Police could not comment on the case as it was before the courts.

Nehemia was ordained as a minister in the Ratana Church in November 2015.

The church was founded at Ratana Pa, near Whanganui, in 1920 by Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana —​ a Methodist farmer who was regarded as a visionary and faith healer.

Daniel Nehemia has been stood down from his role as minister with the Ratana Church after he was charged with alleged child sex offending. Photograph/Facebook
Daniel Nehemia has been stood down from his role as minister with the Ratana Church after he was charged with alleged child sex offending. Photograph/Facebook

Nehemia posted on social media when became a minister.

"I have been so blessed to be appointed by our Komiti Matua o te Haahi Ratana, and supported by many others, to become an Apotoro Rehita, a Registered Minister of the Established Ratana Church of New Zealand on this very day," he wrote in 2015.


Nehemia was stood down two hours after his leaders learned of his alleged offending and upcoming trial in theHerald.

The next day the church executive issued a statement which was posted on Facebook.

"This matter is sitting before the courts therefore it is not appropriate for comment on the specific charges," the statement read.

"The church executive however, is shocked to learn of the charges against a person who holds a senior position within the church.

"The church executive considers this type of behaviour abhorrent and will not tolerate it from any office holder of the church."

The statement revealed that at 2.30pm on August 23, Nehemia was stood down as "a Registered Apostle".

The executive said the move was "in accordance with the constitution" of the church and "pending the outcome of the court".

"We offer our prayers and support to those whom have been affected," the executive said.

Church secretary Piriwiritua Rurawhe later said Nehemia was refusing to communicate with him.

"We acted swiftly and stood him down - then we went into action supporting the parishes he has been working with and his district," Rurawhe said.

Rurawhe was "shocked and dismayed" that the charges had not been disclosed by Nehemia, who he met with just days before the story broke in the Herald.

"It's a requirement, no matter how serious, if anyone is dealing with the law they must disclose that information directly to me and to the church executive.

"Mr Nehemia won't be participating in anything to do with the church and I have instructed his senior in Auckland to communicate that to him directly."

Nehemia is still active on Facebook, posting religious messages to his followers at least once a day.

On New Year's Eve he said he was "looking forward" to a new year.

"It has been a very hard year as we reflect back on past events that have happened throughout this year," he wrote.

"Personally life has been very hard as we begin to face the trials and tribulations that is yet to come.

"We have experienced the highs and lows of life through the good times and bad.

"The truth whanau, I'm looking forward to leaving this year 2018 behind ... not only will it be another day, but a new beginning of our year 2019."


If it's an emergency and you feel that you or someone else is at risk, call 111.​

If you've ever experienced sexual assault or abuse and need to talk to someone call the Sate to Talk confidential crisis helpline on: 0800 227 233 (08002B SAFE).

Alternatively contact your local police station - click here for a list.

If you have been abused, remember it's not your fault.

To speak to police about this case specifically, contact the Waitemata District Police on 09 488 9750.