Spray cans and roll-on deodorants – so much plastic to keep your sweaty pits smelling sweet?

Try making your own deodorant with Katie Hine.

"It's only got four ingredients," she says.

Katie Hine is completing a Graduate Diploma in environmental waste management and for four years has been working towards zero waste.


In this series, Katie shares her top tips to reduce waste in 2019.

5 - Deodorant

"When you can do something at home with very little effort, I find it connects us more with how we live," Katie said. "It's very rewarding.

"And you don't get the same feeling of 'oh wow, I made that' when you buy something at the shop."

After four years, Katie has discovered many simple ways to cut down waste. Her blog is at www.zerobelow.co.nz

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