During his two-year reign as the Children's Commissioner, Andrew Becroft says pornography has been the most concerning issue among young New Zealanders reported to him.

Becroft has welcomed a new report which looks into how and why children in New Zealand view online porn, and does so by asking them directly.

"The Children's Convention reminds us that young people have a right to have a say about things that affect them," he said.

"And if one thing is clear it's that pornography affects young people. That's what they've told us in this research.


"To be honest, in the two years I've been in this role, pornography is the most significant underlying concern reported to me by youth workers, community workers and church workers engaged with young people."

The report, NZ Youth and Porn, surveyed teenagers aged between 14 and 17 years old and found 67 per cent of teenagers have seen porn.

It also revealed 73 per cent of regular porn viewers use it as a learning tool, and 71 per cent believe access should be restricted.

A breakdown of information learnt through the survey:

• 67 per cent of New Zealand teens have seen porn

• 72 per cent of recent viewers of porn saw things that made them feel uncomfortable

• 89 per cent of young New Zealanders agree that porn isn't for children

• 71 per cent of young New Zealand viewers believe children and teens' access to porn should be restricted

• 73 per cent of young regular viewers use porn as a learning tool

Becroft said the information uncovered in the report is "deeply disturbing" and many children recognise the dangers around it.

"The report is clear that young people want more and better education about healthy sex and healthy relationships," he said.

"They want more education about pornography too, so that it doesn't bully them into unrealistic and dishonest expectations about relationships."