Six-year-old Maddison Thompson's family will forever cherish the final moments she spent with her beloved dad.

In touching scenes at Auckland Hospital last week, Jarred Thompson could be seen pulling affectionate faces at his daughter, who wrapped her arms around him.

It was his dying wish to make it back to New Zealand from Fiji, where he fell ill suddenly, to be with Maddison and his family.

A public fundraising campaign got Jarred home last week.


But sadly, in the early hours of this morning, the 27-year-old passed away.

"Jarred was in the comfort of his family home in Taupo since Saturday, surrounded by his loving family and dearest friends till the end," close friend Thomas Brook said.

"I would like to take this moment to thank each and everyone of you who was touched by not only this man's life, but touched by his story.

"We came together in unity to give a little and achieved something beautiful. Because of your love, we got Jarred home and from the core of my heart, thank you."

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Jarred was medically evacuated from Fiji to Auckland last Tuesday and was rushed to Auckland Hospital after a sudden illness derailed his planned one-month holiday.

He had been in remission after going through cancer treatment for the past year, but fell ill suddenly in Fiji.

As part of the holiday, Jarred attended the Three Angels Missionary College, in the hope he would learn how to improve his health through nutrition.

Jarred Thompson in Fiji where he got baptised. Photo / Supplied.
Jarred Thompson in Fiji where he got baptised. Photo / Supplied.

Friends and family as well as the wider community, rallied behind him and raised more than $36,000 - exceeding the $27,000 required for his medical evacuation from Fiji, where he could only obtain palliative care.

In an earlier interview, Jarred's mother, Donna Cameron, said her only son was not only her rock, but the family's. This is from an earlier interview, unpublished:

"He is beautiful with his sisters. He can be hard and firm, but they need that being girls. With his stepdad, my husband now, they have a bond that is so canny. Our bond is very very close."

She said he would "bend over backwards" for his two nieces and most importantly his daughter -"That's his heart".

Jarred Thompson (second left) and his friend Thomas Brook (right) in a Fiji village before Thompson fell ill. Photo / Supplied
Jarred Thompson (second left) and his friend Thomas Brook (right) in a Fiji village before Thompson fell ill. Photo / Supplied

He has four sisters, one of whom passed away at three months old from a cot death, along with two half-sisters.

"[She would be] 33 this year back in September. All of my kids after her have been very precious. I was very blessed to have anyone after her."

Before Jarred went to Fiji, she told him to "enjoy, enjoy what you can, live your life."

She remembers when he told her he was in remission on her 54th birthday on August 18.

"He was home when I got home from work and he said 'sit down mum, I've got something to tell you' and I said to him, 'do I really want to know love?'.

"He said 'yes you do' and my heart was just beating and I could feel the tears and he says to me, 'I've beat it mum, I've beat it'. I just broke down and cried with happy tears."

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