Critically ill Napier father Jarred Thompson has been reunited with his young daughter in touching scenes at Auckland Hospital.

The 27-year-old was medically evacuated from Fiji to Auckland last night and was rushed to Auckland Hospital after a sudden illness derailed his planned one-month holiday.

Thompson had been celebrating the news that he was in remission after going through cancer treatment for the past year when his health took a turn.

Six-year-old Maddison Thompson made the trip with her mother, Shannon Story, from Napier to Auckland yesterday.


"He didn't take his eyes off his daughter last night. It was beautiful," close friend and caregiver, Thomas Brook, who was in Fiji with Thompson said.

"You could tell he was very happy when we got [to the hospital] and he saw his daughter. He just wanted kisses and kept pulling the kiss face."

Brook said Thompson was a "little bit more coherent" and his eyes were open more on Wednesday.

Jarred Thompson was delighted to see his daughter, and communicated via touch, a friend says. Photo / Supplied
Jarred Thompson was delighted to see his daughter, and communicated via touch, a friend says. Photo / Supplied

"He knows he's home and help is on the way. From my perspective, he looks a lot better."

Thompson was admitted to Lautoka Hospital last Thursday after what started as a headache quickly turned into a "potentially life-threatening condition" as pressure built on his brain.

Fijian doctors said they would only treat him with palliative care and suggested he be brought back home for treatment.

Friends and family as well as the wider community, rallied behind him and raised the more than $27,000 required for his medical evacuation through a Givealittle page.

Brook said it "is absolutely more optimistic than what the doctors had said in Fiji".

He said it was too early to say what was wrong with him. An MRI booked for later today will hopefully give them a more detailed understanding of what is happening.

Thompson is regarded as a "warrior" in the eyes of his loved ones.

"There are not many people that could have hung on as strong as Jarred has ... against all odds we will get through this.

"Look how far we have come, from being in a country with no money to have raised $35,000 and got over here and had no problems on the plane, touched a lot of hearts, and received so many prayers.

"We've really managed to accomplish a lot and we feel in our hearts that it wasn't for nothing. There is a reason we are here and we are going to receive help and Jarred is going to be okay."

There were concerns over taking him on a commercial plane, as it was a lot more risky. But Brook said the flight "could not have gone smoother".

"I was praying the whole time for guardian angels to protect Jarred. There are so many things that have happened that are just guided by the divine ... Guided by God's hand."