A witness in the trial of a 14-year-old charged with murdering Flaxmere man Kelly Donner has today described how she found the 40- year old lying in a pool of blood on the night of March 4.

Haami Hanara is on trial at the High Court in Napier for Donner's murder.

The woman told prosecutor Cam Stuart that she headed into Flaxmere village after 10pm to use the ATM.

She stopped outside the Flaxmere Tavern when she saw four teenage girls. One of them was her daughter who seemed "freaked out".


"She was standing by a man in a pool of blood. I got told a man had been beaten up, I freaked out and sent them away."

The witness said the man was lying on his back.

Kelly Donner died near the Flaxmere Tavern earlier this year. Photo File
Kelly Donner died near the Flaxmere Tavern earlier this year. Photo File

"There was a lot of blood, it wasn't until I saw him sitting up, I saw it shooting out his neck, he was holding his neck."

The witness said Donner was "scattering for air".

Stuart asked if the man could speak, to which she replied he could, but it wasn't clear.

"He said 'those bastards' and 'help me'."

The witness ran to the New World supermarket due to the ambulance taking "ages" and asked for help.

She said she didn't recognise the man until one of the workers told her it was Donner.


Another witness described talking to Donner at the local laundromat at least a "dozen times" earlier this year.

She said Donner would often appear at the local laundromat and would charge his phone there.

"He was always clean, nice and tidy, usually had a camo-like shirt or a fluro shirt, when it was cold he wore a Warriors coat.

"Young kids would come up and chat to him, so would other adults. He was an approachable man. He always seemed to be straight."

The trial is expected to run all week.