A drug mule who swallowed 102 packages of methamphetamine has had his jail term quashed after he argued they were for personal use.

Andrew Mundell had been sentenced to 30 months in prison after pleading guilty to importing the Class A controlled drug, but instead successfully appealed the sentence.

He argued he faced an unfair burden of proof and the High Court granted him his appeal and the case has been remitted for re-assessment.

Court documents show Mundell arrived in New Zealand from Canada on June 30, 2017, and had swallowed 102 packages of methamphetamine weighing 154 grams.


After nine days of not being able to pass on the drugs, in great pain, Mundell went to the doctor who called an ambulance.

Mundell underwent emergency surgery and the drugs were removed from his body and seized by police.

The Crown handed out two charges to Mundell: Importing a Class A controlled drug and possessing the drug for supply.

However, Mundell argued in court all of the methamphetamine was for his own use and in court, the judge found he was addicted to the drug.

The judge also found Mundell had not established whether there was not a commercial aspect to the importation of the drug.

After being handed down the 30-month term, Mundell appealed to the High Court and argued the judge had not acted in accordance with the Sentencing Act.

The appeal was allowed and Mundell's sentence was thrown away, the case has been remitted back to the district court for re-assessment and re-sentencing.