Karel Sroubek's mother Mila is pleading for the Government to let her son stay in New Zealand.

Mila spoke to Radio New Zealand's Checkpoint tonight and confirmed her son returned home to the Czech Republic in 2009 using a false identity.

She said her son made an impulsive decision, desperately missed his family and wasn't thinking straight when he chose to return home.

Mila came to NZ for her son's parole hearing and remains here on a visitor's visa.


She is begging Iain Lees-Galloway to give her son one last chance to prove himself.

Mila said her son was not a gangster, "No, not at all, he is not a gangster. Media are trying to make him gangster. He is not a gangster, no way."

"A gangster is something totally different than my son is."

Mila said she was afraid her son would be physically hurt, or possibly killed, if he returned home.

"We have indications it would most probably happen. I really believe that. There are many cases like that in the Czech Republic."

"I can't and don't even want to imagine. It is terrible… because he acted as a witness against a person who murdered. Minutes after it happened, he gave his testimony about it to police and he was immediately threatened to change his testimony so that the person who committed it, that his sentenced would be lowered."

Mila said returning home under his real name would be "absolutely different".

"We don't trust the justice nor the police that they would be able to protect him," she said.

Mila said both herself, her husband and her son were scared.

"He is really in danger and he needs some help to keep his life. His life is not just a ball that is used for political gains," she told RNZ.

She said her son's wife had found another partner, National Party member Mark Davey, and filed for divorce.