A teacher charged with making intimate visual recordings of other people now also faces accusations he made objectionable publications.

The 51-year-old faces 54 charges of making intimate visual recordings - with the alleged offending dating back to 2013 - and has today been charged with two counts of making objectionable publications.

No pleas have been entered to the charges yet, which have been trickling in since early August.

He initially faced just one intimate visual recording charge, but the bulk of the new ones were laid in September, Judge Peter Hobbs said.


The man, who was working as a teacher in the Wellington region, has interim name suppression. A hearing to decide whether suppression should continue will be held next month.

An "intimate visual recording" is defined as a recording made without a person's knowledge or consent and showing the person naked or partly clothed. The crime carries a maximum sentence of three years in jail.

The Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993 defines a publication as objectionable if it depicts, expresses or otherwise deals with matters such as sex, horror, crime, cruelty or violence in such a manner that the availability of the publication is likely to be "injurious" to the public good.