Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern presented Prince Harry with a Shapeshifter CD upon his arrival to New Zealand yesterday as a gift.

She also presented Megan, Duchess of Sussex, with a set of Boh Runga earrings.
In return, Ardern was given a community cooking book from the Duchess.

Speaking at her weekly post-Cabinet press conference today, Ardern said she enjoyed the time she spent with the royals.

The pair touched down in Wellington yesterday afternoon and Ardern greeted and welcomed them after touchdown, and again met them later that night at a reception hosted by the Governor-General.


Ardern said and their discussions ranged from issues around the Pacific, climate change, children's issues and mental health.

"I also used the opportunity to share a few personal gifts. For the Duchess of Sussex, I shared with her a personal gift of a set of Boh Runga earrings featuring the crossed feathers."

She also presented Prince Harry with the Shapeshifter album The System is a Vampire.

"[This is] because it includes a track titled Dutchies, which is the song that the All Blacks enter onto the field with, including at Twickenham."

She also presented him with a Stars vinyl album, which was released in 2016 and "is a fine album".

In return, the Duchess presented her with a community cookbook, put together by the community impacted by the Grenfell tower fire last year.

She had not had time to try any of the dishes yet but said she was "worried about whether or not I can get them down to a milder level of spice".

Ardern said the royals did not get to meet baby Neve, as it was too late for her to be up.

Although it's traditional for conversations between the royals and heads of state not to be disclosed, Ardern said the pair was particularly passionate about mental health.

"What I can share is that I came away being even more certain that they are very genuine in their passion in this area and are very focused on it."

She shared a bit about the issue from New Zealand's perspective, the challenges Kiwis face and some of the statistics and groups that need to be focused on in New Zealand.
These are "particularly our young people and our males", she said.

Ardern said she got a sense that the royals were aware of the issues that are facing New Zealanders.

"But also an appreciation that this is a global challenge and that we are not alone in our region in facing these challenges."

They agreed the focus should be on young people.