Stratford mayor Neil Volzke is asking those who live or work in the district to consider what's in a name when it comes to choosing names for four new roads.

With the layout of the new Council subdivision accessed off Pembroke Road opposite the northern end of Brecon Road decided, it is time to choose names for the streets, he said.

"Traditionally streets in Stratford have taken their names from Shakespeare's works in some way, and Council wants to continue that tradition with these new streets."

After deciding to ask the community for ideas, Neil asked councillor Gloria Webby to help run it.


"Gloria has a great knowledge of the arts and her genuine interest in the works of Shakespeare makes her the ideal candidate for championing this part of the subdivision project."

Gloria says Stratford is, to the best of her knowledge, "the only Stratford in the world to have streets named from the Bard's works and associations".

Gloria says Shakespeare's words are used every day in a variety of ways.

"His words and phrases are embedded in our everyday language, so 'for goodness sake [Henry VIII], 'don't be faint-hearted' [Henry VI], 'you won't be a laughing stock' [The Merry Wives of Windsor], and dreaming up name ideas will be 'neither here nor there' [Othello]."

She encouraged people to put thought into name suggestions.

"A copy of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare can be found in most libraries, and would be a huge asset to anyone trying to come up with name ideas."

The final decision for naming streets would be made by Council and Gloria and Neil said they were looking forward to reading the suggestions.

With each of the four streets having different physical characteristics, judges will be looking for the name which best suits the individual street and area, she said.


Entry forms for the competition next month will be available from Stratford District Council service centre and library, and at the Council stand at the A&P show next month.

Forms will also be online at and the Council Facebook page.

Neil spoke about subdivision progress at the Stratford Business AGM this month, saying the sections will be going on the market through a local real estate agency when the development is completed in the first half of next year.

The competition opens on November 7 and runs until December 5.