An Auckland racetrack says it may not be able to host high-profile race meets planned for early next year after a suspicious fire destroyed a key building.

The fire broke out at the KartSport Auckland track on Patiki Rd in Avondale late last night and has been deemed suspicious by fire teams.

KartSport president Haylee Wallace said fire investigators were now at the racetrack examining how the fire destroyed the club's "race control" building.

The building housed equipment that timed each race and would now need to be demolished and rebuilt at a cost likely in excess of $30,000.


While the club has insurance, they aren't sure if the building and timing equipment can be replaced in time for a busy schedule of race meets early next year.

"It's devastating for our club," she said.

"The race control building is pivotal for our club because if we don't have that race control we don't have a race meeting - it's as simple as that.

"We're a not-for-profit club and we don't have this kind of money. We're just lucky we have insurance whereas a lot of other clubs don't."

Wallace said the first big race meet for next year is planned for the January Auckland anniversary weekend and is expected to attract more than 100 racers.

"I hope we're ready," she said.

She said that while the cost is expected to be covered by insurance, the damage would sill take up plenty of volunteer hours that could be better spent improving the club elsewhere.

The club has also been consistently targeted by vandals and thieves recently.


Wallace said vandals had already broken into the race track and broken the glass windows of the race control building.

Wallace said that since a cycle path was put in the nearby park, giving better access to the area, the attacks seem to have gotten worse and led the club to consistently upgrade its security with improved alarms and security cameras.

She said the latest fire seems to have started in the area around the race control building.