A Hamilton father suffered minor cuts after wrestling with an intruder found holding a knife to his 3-year-old's throat.

Waikato police Senior Sergeant Matt Cranshaw said the family were woken to a sound of a person getting into their home through a rear door about 12.15am today.

"[Offender has] ended up going into a child's bedroom with a knife and the father got woken.

"He confronted the offender and they got into a fight and both ended up having wounds inflicted on them."


The man's partner had already called police, who were on their way, as the Pukete man struggled with the offender in the child's bedroom.

The father managed to hold on to the intruder long enough for police to arrest him on arrival, Cranshaw said.

"There was a struggle between the two of them until police arrived."

He said both the father and the 25-year-old offender suffered minor stab wounds and lacerations.

"They're not major wounds, just superficial to minor stab wounds."

The intruder was arrested and taken to Waikato Hospital for treatment. The father was also hospitalised for minor wounds.

The arrested man would appear in the Hamilton District Court at some stage today, Cranshaw said.

It didn't appear as though the intruder was known to the family, he said.