A motorist has been filmed flirting with danger after refusing to merge into a single lane on the Hibiscus Coast Highway yesterday afternoon.

The driver sped alongside a truck, weaving in between it and the kerb, coming within inches of the gutter before finally coming to a halt and merging behind the truck.

The incident lasted for more than 20 seconds and occurred over several hundred metres, putting a nearby pedestrian walking on the footpath at risk.

A witness told the Herald they were shocked at the driver's actions and surprised no one was hurt.


"I was in shock, to be honest, and I was extremely concerned and nervous. Surprised no one was hurt," the witness said.

"She [the driver] was trying to speed in front of the truck ... then she started waving and yelling at the truck driver who was just driving at the speed limit.

"She appeared agitated and animated ... beeping her horn."

It occurred near the Silverdale Fire Station and the witness said the truck driver looked bewildered at the behaviour of the driver.

The witness said she would be going to the police about the incident tomorrow.

A police spokesperson told the Herald motorists have a responsibility to drive safely and not to put other people at risk.

"We would encourage anyone with concerns about the manner of driving of another motorists to call *555 as soon as it is safe to do so."