Hawke's Bay police say they are concerned by two recent incidents where men in their 70s died and remained undiscovered in their Napier homes for more than two weeks.

Detective Mike Signal said it was both sad and worrying that there were older members of the community who didn't have anyone looking out for their wellbeing.

On September 10, Michael Christopher Flavell was found in his home on Napier Hill.

Neighbours noticed they had not seen him for a while and contacted police who did a welfare check.


Signall said Flavell didn't have any immediate next of kin that were identified, but did have some friends who were working with police around his death.

Signall said another man believed to be in his 70s was found in Napier over the weekend after passersby noticed an unusual smell.

"It is not pleasant for the family and not pleasant for the staff that have to deal with it as well," Signal said.

"As the weather gets hotter and the holiday season begins, it is a good time to reflect on friends, neighbours and family and to make sure of their welfare, especially those who are known to be in poor health and living alone," Signal said.


- Introduce yourself
- Ask if they need help with certain tasks
- Swap phone numbers
- Provide company
- Check on them in emergencies


Do the lights come on at night?
Do the curtains get drawn?
Is the garden tended?
Has mail accumulated?
If you are concerned about your elderly neighbour seek advice from police or Age Concern.