A stretch of fine weather is expected to welcome kids back from school holidays - but we're being warned not to put the winter sweaters away just yet.

Today is expected to bring clear weather for most, though it may be a bit cooler than the summery spell we've had over the past two weekends.

MetService meteorologist Ravi Kandula said most of the country could expect a dose of sunshine, intercepted with a bit of cloud.

The morning would likely kick off with some gusty winds, which would to die away as the day progressed.


Looking forward to Monday, the fine weather was set to stick around for most places.

"It's basically the same story," Kandula said.

"It might be frosty for inland places as well, possibly some showers for Southland and Clutha, but otherwise fine."

Tuesday and Wednesday would see a couple of fronts sweeping past the lower South Island, which would likely bring some rain with them.

This would linger through Thursday for the South Island - though North Islanders should be free of the wet weather.

From Thursday temperatures would start to heat up nationwide, with temperatures nudging 20C that would stick around for a much-welcome long weekend.

The first weekend into the last school term of the year was Labour Weekend, and Metservice said we could expect to enjoy some sunshine.

"By Friday we're back into a ridge for most of the country," Kandula said.

"The week, all in all, is looking pretty fine."

Kandula said the sporadic tasters of summer felt over the past few weeks, followed by cold spells, was typical of the months leading up to summer.

A cold snap set in on Friday, as a cold southerly flow set in over the country.

Tauranga held the national high for Saturday - a modest 16C.

There was also significant snowfall over the Remutaka Pass on Saturday morning.

"It's just spring. Changeable spring weather," Kandula said.