It might hurt your ears, but it could also melt your heart watching two of our toughest singing and dancing Baby Shark with Waikato children this week.

Waikato Police yesterday posted a video of two of their own doing the viral Baby Shark dance, accompanied by flashing blue and red lights, at Chartwell Shopping Centre in Hamilton.

In the two minute video uploaded to Facebook, a male and female police officer flank centre mascot Louie the Lion as the trio and their enthusiastic young audience dance to the kids' jingle that has had more than 1.8 billion views since being uploaded to YouTube.

"Your kids will love this clip!," Waikato police wrote.


"Today we held Mall Cops v5.0 at Chartwell Shopping Centre. Hugest thanks to over 2300 people that came to see us. What an incredible day.

"These good sports got up and did the baby shark dance for the kids!"

Views haven't hit the 1b+ mark - yet - but within 12 hours of the video going up 22,000 had watched it, 147 had shared it and more than 100 had left, almost entirely, positive comments.

James Carter was among those to heap praise on the dancing cops.

"Never underestimate the rewards down the line of this sort of relationship with the public and especially children. Great work but now I can't get that song out of my head."

Melanie Joy Dalton was also impressed.

"How cool is this ? The more kids (and parents) see that police are as human as everyone else and are totally approachable the better."

Another poster was more direct in her comment - "hot cop alert", she wrote.