A rogue weasel at large in a Wellington ecosanctuary has now been caught on camera.

Early last week paw prints were discovered at Zealandia followed by a visitor sighting of the creature.

Zealandia spokesman Cameron Hayes said based on the mounting evidence they were confident they were dealing with a weasel.

He said it was caught on a camera trap near the site where its tracks were picked up.


"It confirms what we're looking for. We're not fighting a ghost or that sort of thing and secondly, it confirms the location where a lot of our traps are set and that we're actually operating in the right area."

Zealandia has set 110 traps with fresh bait in an effort to catch the intruder.

Hayes said weasels, like other mustelids, were dangerous because they took eggs and birds from nests.

"It could be out there doing damage and we wouldn't know but were pretty confident that we'll be able to get it soon."